Poinsettia microwave corn bag


Hot & Cold Therapy Bag 

Use hot for sore muscles, breastfeeding 
soreness, arthritis, fibromyalgia, in the cold car, bed warmer, pet warmer, or to help keep food warm longer.  Helps warm muscles before exercise. 
Use cold therapy for swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, hot flashes, or to help cool people or pets.

For heat therapy, microwave one and one half minutes.  To reheat when slightly warm, microwave one minute.  Overheating will dry out corn, making your bag “wear out” prematurely.  Feed corn will not pop, though you may occasionally hear a popping sound.  For cold therapy, store in freezer, and use as needed.
Do not use on infants or patients who cannot move corn bag off themselves, or who can’t move away from corn bag. Do not use on areas of the body where heat can’t be felt, or where sensation is reduced. Do not use heat with medicated creams, lotions, or ointments.  Do not use heat on areas of bruising or swelling that have occurred within the previous 48 hours.  Do not use heat on open wounds or damaged skin.  
All fabric is 100% cotton. Pillowcase is machine washable. Filling is 100% feed corn. The inner bag may be spot cleaned. Be careful to keep corn dry to prevent spoiling. Wet corn may cook if microwaved. If it gets wet, line dry, then dry in a clothes dryer before using. 
To protect inner corn bag from soiling, cover with a plastic freezer bag or storage bag (not the thinner sandwich or snack bags), then cover with the pillowcase. Open freezer bag before heating.