Orange Grass corn bag

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Use cold therapy for swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, hot flashes, or to help cool people or pets.

Hot & Cold Therapy Bag Instructions 

Do not use on infants or patients who cannot move corn bag off themselves, or who can’t move away from corn bag. Do not use on areas of the body where heat can’t be felt, or where sensation is reduced. Do not use heat with medicated creams, lotions, or




Bolsas de Terapia

Ponerlo en el microonda por 2 minutos para tener calor.  Utilice caliente para los músculos doloridos, artritis, fibromyalgia, dolor de estomago

Ponerlo en el congelador para tener frio.Utilice la terapia fría para la hinchazón, el síndrome de túnel de carpal, los flashes calientes o dolor de cabeza.